Hosting is our hosting partner, helps our clients to host, design and develop a full featured professional or business projects easily. Frewebz has professional and advanced skilled designers and engineers to make your dream projects happen true. Their hosting platforms and servers are extra secured and 99.99% uptime on operations. Frewebz also integrate their clients projects with WordPress to give unlimited customization feature by adding multiple number of WordPress plugins. We recommend for all our clients, if they need business or professional websites. is our hosting partner, helps our clients to design and develop e-commerce platforms with advanced features and security.Indiiz is a specialized e-commerce hosting, designing and developing platform. Indiiz is providing Android Application along with all e-commerce projects, as we know mobile application is an unavoidable part of e-commerce industry. Indiiz is suitable for all kind of e-commerce projects. We recommend to our e-commerce clients as their security and customization facilities are incredible. Indiiz also integrate their client’s projects with WordPress and Woocommerce to provide more customization features.

Free Domain Registry only supports to host websites  in Frewebz platform and Indiiz platform. Nameservers are locked with their servers by default to give maximum security to the domain owners. If a client need to host website by another hosting provider, domain owner must transfer domain from our registry, which will effect to loose security for the domain and website.

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