What is Domain Privacy Protection?

WHOIS is a public database that allows anyone to look up the identity of a domain owner. The details of all domain owners are considered public information. When you purchase a domain, the domain name registrar is required to report specific pieces of information about the registrant for the public record, this record is known as the WHOIS database.

What if you don’t want your contact information readily available? The answer is purchasing privacy protection from your domain registrar. With WHOIS privacy, your contact information is shielded. When someone searches for your domain in the WHOIS records, they will find information belonging to your domain registrar is visible instead.

WHOIS typically asks for:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Domain registration, renewal and expiry dates

Think about this information… would you want it available to anyone who can do a simple internet search? If you’re not willing to share this, it’s time to look into domain privacy. The point of privacy protection is to hide your contact information from complete strangers.

Why should I get Domain Privacy Protection?

ICANN requires the contact information, including email address, phone number and mail address, of everyone that owns or administers a domain when a domain is registered. Anyone who owns a website, irrespective of whether it’s for an organization, business owner, or everyday citizen must provide accurate identification information when registering a domain. This means ICANN demand that your personal information is made available via the public database known as WHOIS.

Just by knowing a registered domain name, someone can enter it into any WHOIS search tool, which is free to use on the web, to retrieve this public information. This is where domain privacy comes in. So far, it’s the only means of stopping this. With WHOIS protection in place, your information is masked.

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